Terms & Conditions

Our terms are simple , please read this before you make your order to avoid any missunderstanding

  • As all systems it might have a downtime .
    We make our efforts to keep you likes constantly but some times due to unknown problems there might be downtimes . We gurantee to add the down time to you subscription. Ie if for a whole day you wont get likes then we will add 1 day to your subscription !
  • Terms of Use – For us to provide our best services to you, your account must remain public so that we can see and retweet your posts. If an account is set to private at all throughout the duration of a subscription, we cannot guarantee that any tweets made during that time will be retweeted. Our services only function to retweet new tweets, so any tweets missed during a period of account privacy, or tweets posted before subscription activation, will not receive retweet benefits. Retweeting activity may begin up to an hour after the tweet is posted, except in cases where Twitter is undergoing maintenance or server issues.
  • Refunds & Cancellations – To cancel or halt a subscription, click on the link in the original confirmation email. Refunds will only be offered in the event that no retweets were delivered throughout the duration of the subscription.
  • Questions, Comments, and Complaints – All communications can be directed to our customer service team using the “Contact Us” link. We are available 24/7 to answer any questions that you have, or to help you through the process of increasing your Twitter success.